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Floating your boat in WA
Written by Jasmine Heyden
Wednesday, 01 August 2007


With the Perth International Boat Show taking place this month, we went a little boat mad at Medical Hub. It seems we're not the only ones. WA is a boat lovers' paradise.

Did you know that WA has:

  • The highest boat ownership per capita of any state in Australia;
  • The greatest wealth per capita of any state in Australia;
  • The fastest growing coastal development of any state in Australia;
  • The most extensive coastline in Australia with major boating centres extending north and south of Perth.
  • A capital city with huge inland waterways and extensive (and expanding) waterfront living: Freo, Sorrento, down to Mandurah, up to Yanchep, or anywhere along the Swan!

Also, did you know that there are 83,000 boats registered in WA? Most are trailer boats under 6 metres that are used for fishing, diving, skiing, touring, and holidays. New boat sales are growing at 3% a year.

WA has an estimated 788,000 recreational fishers and about 50,000 West Aussies take the plunge as registered divers. Another 5,000 people go through dive training each year. The majority of these folks are in their twenties (the young and adventurous), but more oldies (the old and the bountiful - aged 40+) are getting involved in much higher numbers.

If you're interested in joining WA's boating and bluewater craze, get down to the Perth International Boat Show at the Perth Exhibition Convention Centre between August 15 to 19 (Wednesday to Sunday) where there are 6 halls (16,654 square metres!) of boats. That's a lot of boats. Togs and snorkel are optional.

The boat show's website has all the details:


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