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Delicious Creature Feature
Written by Dr Sergio Starkstein and Dr Bradleigh Hayhow
Tuesday, 26 July 2016

201608-Hayhow-Bradleigh-Dr-Starkstein-SergioIn recent years Little Creatures brewery has expanded its range and broadened its scope with a range of occasional seasonal offerings, the latest of which we were delighted to find included in our monthly delivery. Keeping the Belgian Ales as a heavenly standard, we reviewed (several times!) the staples of Little Creatures’ little collection.

By Dr Bradleigh Hayhow & Dr Sergio Starkstein






The Beers

Rogers (3.8% ABV)
Little Creatures describes the character of this mid-strength amber ale as demonstrating flavours of “roasted caramel and malt” with a “light citrus hop”. We agree. The malt and citrus notes are unusually prominent for a mid-strength beer, and there’s a mild but pleasant bitterness to the aftertaste. The head could be stronger on the pour, but still a standout in its class.
Overall score: 7/10

Bright Ale (4.5% ABV)
A filtered ale in which “a touch of wheat keeps things refreshing”, this was our least favourite of the range. While this beer opened well on the palate of a younger collaborator (the inexperience of youth!), it dissipated quickly with only a mild bitterness and shallow hop. We couldn’t help thinking of it as a pilsner in ale’s clothing.
Overall score: 4/10

The Hotchkiss Six Domestic Stout (4.5% ABV)
Boasting a palate of “smooth, indulgent chocolate”, “roasted barley”, “oats” and “aniseed”, we were definitely into the barley and enjoyed the lingering aftertaste of this winter seasonal brewed with New Zealand Rakau hops. It’s an excellent introduction for those who are new to stouts, and good enough to lure us to the brewery to take a stool by the tap. Our hopes are high for the future of this recent addition.
Overall score: 7/10

Pale Ale (5.2% ABV)201608-Little-Creatures-IPA-330mL--0
Accurately billed as both “bitter and floral”, this American-style, IPA-leaning Pale Ale is one of Australia’s first and favourite craft beers. Bitter on the palate and floral on the nose, it is both friendly to the novice and faithful to the connoisseur. A true Australian icon!
Overall score: 6/10

A true IPA at 6.4%, this is a round and aromatic beer with sound bitterness and a long aftertaste. Very drinkable with minimal dissipation, this is a beer that stays fine in the glass and welcomes an unhurried conversation. Could this be the new Little Creatures flagship?
Overall Score: 8/10

The Verdict
As some of these beers are now brewed in Geelong, we would have liked to pit the ‘local’ and ‘imported’ products against each other in a taste-off. Alas, the origin of any particular bottle is opaque to the consumer. While we are assured that Little Creatures keeps a close eye on the quality of its products, we couldn’t help wondering if the je ne sais quoi of this Fremantle icon might be in more than just the recipe…

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Does red wine cause headache? I have heard a lot of people say that it does. I have also heard many say that it is bunkum. It’s the amount of alcohol you drink that causes the vasodilatation and headache they would say. Some put it down to histamines in wine. Others point to the sulphite content as the culprit.

Personally, I have become aware over recent years that certain types of wine, mainly red, will predictably bring on a headache within an hour or so of consumption. And I am talking here about no more than two standard drinks as the trigger.

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