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My Local: Yellow Pancake
Written by Dr Louis Papaelias
Thursday, 23 February 2017

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38A Grantham St Wembley, (08) 9387 1702

This little Vietnamese café has been open about 12 months and has quickly established itself as the anytime go-to for the local neighbourhood. It’s delicious, cheap and BYO – a rare combination these days. Like the true local it is, the owners Haley and her chef brother Sin greet people by name; the front-of-house Adrian memorizes regulars’ orders; and whisper-quiet Nerissa heads to the espresso machine with the merest cock of an eyebrow. It’s that kind of place – family biz. But even the friendliest of businesses quickly fade if the food is not spot-on. 

YP is comfort food made with skill. The eponymous pancake in its seafood and chicken variations is a crispy, non-greasy delight that looks huge on the plate but is so light it’s gone in a few short minutes. Wrap it in the cos lettuce supplied, dip in the chilli dressing and let the flavours burst into your mouth. The yellow pancake also features in a rice paper roll and with YP’s caramelised roasted pork is the pick of the selection. Sin’s stock is out of this world with a depth of flavour you can only get by long hours gentle simmering and it makes the Pho and Bun Bo Hue works of art. The menu is small but inspiring and once is not enough!

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Does red wine cause headache? I have heard a lot of people say that it does. I have also heard many say that it is bunkum. It’s the amount of alcohol you drink that causes the vasodilatation and headache they would say. Some put it down to histamines in wine. Others point to the sulphite content as the culprit.

Personally, I have become aware over recent years that certain types of wine, mainly red, will predictably bring on a headache within an hour or so of consumption. And I am talking here about no more than two standard drinks as the trigger.

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