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Fair Game - Recycled Sports Gear

van-Bockxmeer-John-Dr-second-from-left-at-Strelley-Community-in-the-Pilbara-July 12Encouraging disadvantaged children to get involved in sport and lead healthier lives.



Memorable Conference Speakers

Conf-delegatesConferences are no longer endless PowerPoint presentations and monotonous dialogue descending on fee-paying delegates. Speakers are finding new ways to stand out from the crowd to get their message across. Sticking to time limits, enhancing the presentation visually, being concise and measured with comment are cornerstones for a ....

Purple dragons and stick-it notes

Conferencecartoon_TN.jpgMedical conferences (and conferences in general, for that matter!) are alcohol-fuelled microcosms of strangeness and the occasional snippet of useful information.



Summer Daze

Beachcricket_TNjpg.jpgThe mercury is rising, making sun, sand, and surf more attractive in the lead up to the summer holiday break. Rather than eyeing off exotically distant locales, why not investigate what's outside your front door?


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