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Djuki Mala Fun
Written by MF

201612-Djuki-Mala-Hero-image-BigThis Indigenous dance troupe and YouTube sensation from the Top End’s Elcho Island is loud, colourful and outrageously energetic.
Djuki Mala, roughly translated as Chooky Mob, has been stomping up a rhythm from Canada, to Taiwan and the Middle East. And now they’re coming to Perth as part of Fringe Festival 2017. It all began in North East Arnhem Land and the live shows are a lot of fun with plenty of audience interaction. It’s also a soap-box for a more serious message says their artistic director, Joshua Bond.
“We’ve been all around the world so it’s about time we brought the show to Perth. Djuki Mala celebrates a love of dance and the joy of life... there’s a lot of laughter but we there’s an underlying message about the ongoing tragedy of indigenous youth suicide, not just in the Top End but all around Australia.”
“It was surreal doing the show in Beirut, there was security everywhere and the entire area was blocked off. The local food was a highlight for us – the kebabs were incredible!”
“When we were in Austria we told the audience that the distance from Sydney to Elcho Island was about the same as Barcelona to Moscow. They were blown away, how big is your country, they asked us?”
“If you like mad, crazy dance stories set to a thumping back-beat come along and see the show!”

Salon Perdu, The Pleasure Garden, Russell Square, James St, Northbridge
Fri 27 Jan – Tue 14 Feb.
Suitable for all ages. 9227 6288