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Music to Our Ears
Written by MF   

 When it comes to classical music, there is a perception from the rest of Australia that WA is a long way away, both geographically and conceptually - according to Marshall McGuire, the Executive Manager of Artistic Planning with WASO.

The Mind's Eye
Written by Mark Thornley   

 Dr John Hanrahan first took an interest in photography as an inquisitive Adelaide medical student with a 35mm foldup Kodak...

The Arts in WA
Written by MF   

A Midsummer Night's Dream balletAs one of the world's most isolated capital cities, Perth has developed in a unique way as a thriving hub for the arts. The tyranny of distance has offered WA's artists and performers a level of freedom unknown in the traditional cradles of the arts.


Behind the King of Cups

Dr Simon Hemsley with his portrait of Bart CummingsBunbury GP Dr Simon Hemsley has been painting for twenty years. While it started as a hobby, his painting has recently taken a professional turn.



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