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Singing Floats Their Boat
Written by Mr Peter McClelland   


“Singing in a male choir hits a sweet spot of fellowship without any competitiveness. It’s wonderful to perform groovy a capella music with a quirky humour that makes people laugh.” Dr Andrew Knight

The Madness of Being Creative


Throughout history, artistic expression and mental illness have gone hand in hand. Artistic WA medicos speculate on the connection ...

Winner of 2009 Picture of the Year
Written by MF   

“I was on the Cocos Islands and unless you go there to fish, you spend your time lying on the beach watching Hermit Crabs walk past,” said Dr Peter Durey, winner of 2009 Picture of the Year who took the picture with a Pentax DSLR 100 camera.


Music to Our Ears
Written by MF   

 When it comes to classical music, there is a perception from the rest of Australia that WA is a long way away, both geographically and conceptually - according to Marshall McGuire, the Executive Manager of Artistic Planning with WASO.

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