Money Matters Medical Markets
Medical Markets
Dollar Matters for those with Cancer
Sunday, 01 February 2015
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Cost-containment arguments are raging around cancer treatment services. Here’s a run-down of some of the issues.

Fair or Foul
Friday, 01 August 2014
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There are traps and pitfalls when it comes to the termination of employment.

Prepare for the Big Squeeze
Wednesday, 01 May 2013
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The health spend is under pressure with various health sectors jostling for priority while government is looking for more controls.

Fair Work Changes and You
Friday, 25 January 2013
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Wenban-David-Mr Feb13

The Fair Work Amendments Bill 2012 (the Bill) makes a number of changes to the existing legislation...

Getting onto the PBS?
Monday, 01 August 2011
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Ms Liliana Bufonte from the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) partly explain the process by which new drugs or formulations do or do not gain PBS acceptance.

Cosmetic Tourism on the Rise
Friday, 01 April 2011
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Cosmetic-Tourism-featureThose in the market for a nip and tuck are finding cosmetic tourism an attractive option. The promise of cheaper rates and recovery in a luxury Southeast Asian resort are drawing a growing number of patients overseas, but not everyone is convinced. There are accusations of poor-quality work and limited patient monitoring, and we could find no strong audit trail behind the surgeons’ or tour operators’ endorsements.

National Prescribing Service Changes its Spots
Thursday, 01 July 2010
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Drugs-on-shelf-1When the National Prescribing Service (NPS) was launched it was all about promoting better standards of prescribing (“QUM”) and any suggestions there was a cost-saving agenda were decried. Things have changed. The Dept of Health & Ageing funded NPS to the tune of $75.8m during 2005-2009, under the condition that NPS was to deliver $160m of PBS savings to government during those four years. In its latest evaluation report (2008–09 Evaluation Report No. 12), NPS says it has delivered $47m in excess of.....

Ethical Standards in the Medical Technology Business
Thursday, 01 July 2010
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MTAASceneIn 2001, the medical technology industry responded to pressure from consumers and watchdogs like the ACCC with the setting up of a Code of Practice overseen by the Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA). The code is voluntary, penalty provisions are yet to be used and policing is mainly internal, with one company watching another for any breaches. The Code became more stringent with the 5th revision in October 2009. Although you are now unlikely to see a surgeon skiing in the Aspen Mountains courtesy of Company X while he contemplates using a particular prosthesis, the Code is not as stringent as that for Medicines Australia. This is partly because....

Part 3: GPs Comment on Nurse Practitioners
Tuesday, 01 September 2009
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stethoscope_tug_TN.jpgWe had such an overwhelming response to a single question on this issue, Medical Forum has decided to devote a page to general practitioner comment. We start with the E-poll question....

The Obstetric Fees Debate
Friday, 01 May 2009
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phonecall_legs_TN.jpgWhen it comes to fees, there are inevitable turf wars between factions within the profession, and as raised by Dr Olga Ward's April guest column, the current practice of private obstetricians triggering the Medicare safety net with a hefty fee for pregnancy planning - sometimes to the GP's detriment - is a slippery slope.

Coping with the 'Tsunami of Medical Students'
Saturday, 01 March 2008
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thumb_medicalgraduation.jpgIn 2004, the government doubled the number of medical student places to address the national shortage of doctors. Termed a ‘tsunami of medical students' by experts, the first waves of this student influx are crashing into our tertiary hospitals and the early signs are that the system will be unable to cope.

Specialist Fees – Need for More Transparency
Saturday, 01 September 2007
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specialistfees_TN.jpgAround 13.6% of all GPs in WA - or about a third of those we emailed - took time to express their opinion on the impact specialist out-of-pocket fees are having on them and their patients (August E-poll). In a nutshell, the results showed...

Taxpayer funded biotech looks for investment returns
Friday, 01 September 2006
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thumb_thumb_0605At_microscope.jpgWhy would the WA Government spend $0.85m each year to fly Nobel Laureates Barry Marshall and Robin Warren around the world as roving ambassadors for WA biotech?

Primary care vs specialist care
Saturday, 01 April 2006
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thumb_Starfield.JPGJohn Hopkins University's Prof Barbara Starfield, at the recent conference in Perth, enlightened many on the value of primary care in a nation's health. She also said specialty care has had too much influence over the health system for over 50 years, and because the evidence is that primary care is the prime factor in improving population health, specialists must now justify what they do in terms of how they contribute to primary care.....

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