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Guest Opinion / Editorial
Just don't ask about my drinking
Monday, 01 August 2005
Midford_Richard_DS.jpgTrials have shown that brief intervention by GPs can be very effective in reducing problematic drinking, but there is still considerable reticence on the part of GPs to make even routine enquiries about alcohol use.
Workers' Compensation - welcome to the Panopticon
Monday, 01 August 2005
Quintner John3_DS.jpgEighteenth-century utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham designed the Panopticon, a blueprint for a prison built as a cylinder, with cells radiating from the central guard station. How does this compare to today's WorkCover?
The cycles of paediatrics
Friday, 01 July 2005
Wallman_Ian_Dr_DS.jpgSeeing changes in the perception and treatment of ?disease' over a long time (50 years) makes one cautious about the use of drug treatment, and sceptical about new treatments.
Divisional red tape sparks rethink
Sunday, 01 May 2005
Fine _Hilary _Feb02_DS.jpgGPs lament the enormous time and energy spent on red tape. It takes away from work we choose; to work others have chosen for us. Since government set up a workforce to examine this problem we have had more red tape than ever.
The Cannabis Debate
Friday, 01 April 2005
Kosterich_plant_DS.jpgDuring the recent State Election campaign there was the usual call for getting tough on drugs with penalties and zero tolerance.
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