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Surgeons Support Proposals
Written by Dr Phil Truskett
Thursday, 29 September 2016

Dear Editor,

Re: What Revalidation Might Look Like (September edition), there is much in the Expert Advisory Group’s report that needs the profession’s support. It is consultative, fit for purpose and reflective of the practitioner’s scope of practice.
There is a clear understanding of the complexities of the Australian health sector and significant differences from the United Kingdom and other countries.
RACS will strongly engage in this consultation at multiple levels. It is most important that the profession takes strong ownership of self-regulation of standards.
Our formal response will be submitted before the deadline of the consultation, which is 30 November 2016.
Dr Phil Truskett, president, Royal Australian College of Surgeons
ED: RACS President Dr Truskett attended the first meeting of the Medical Board of Australia’s Consultative Committee on revalidation in Melbourne on August 16 to discuss their interim report.