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The Balancing Act
Written by Dr Colin Hughes   
Sunday, 01 July 2012


Given the fact GPs are seeing lots of FIFO patients, it’s time we looked at our own conditions of service and remuneration...

Pain and Suicide Risk
Written by Ms Lesley Brydon   
Saturday, 30 June 2012


A 2006 Australian study which found that 21% of people who died by suicide, experienced physical health problems that may have contributed to their death...

Work, Rest, Play
Written by Dr Lewis Blake   
Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Most of our GPs and a good number of their specialist colleagues have some interest and involvement, directly or indirectly, with occupational medicine...

End for Fee for Service
Written by Dr James Kent   
Tuesday, 26 June 2012


If we continue down this path there is going to be a lot of disruption with community specialists closing their rooms, down-sizing staff and the community pathology and radiology services becoming less viable...

Consider Kids in Pain
Written by Ms Julia Sutton   
Tuesday, 29 May 2012


I believe that doctors in WA need to be able to refer children and teenagers in pain crisis to PMH with confidence....

Rethinking Pholcodine Prescribing
Written by Dr Russell Clarke   
Tuesday, 29 May 2012


If specialist service intervention becomes necessary, it should be responsive, respectful, and of a high quality....

Calling all GP Researchers
Written by Prof Peter O'Leary   
Thursday, 03 May 2012


We believe that in many ways, the primary health sector has been underserved...


Obstetrics win
Written by Dr Phillip Green   
Thursday, 03 May 2012

Green-Phillip-Dr-Dec09 A situation that will drive GPs and possibly specialists out of obstetrics...

Medical Money
Written by Dr Gerard Hardisty   
Thursday, 01 March 2012

Hardisty-Gerard-Dr-Mar12In a society where your self-esteem depends on your looks and your status is commensurate with your earnings, David Borshoff’s article (When The Piper Calls The Tune) is a timely call to the profession to reconsider its values.

Simulated Learning
Written by Prof Lou Landau   
Thursday, 01 March 2012

Landau-Lou-Prof-Feb12The principle that trainees practise on simulated patients before treating actual patients is now well accepted in health professions.

Podiatrists on Foot Surgery
Written by Mr Frank Pigliardo   
Thursday, 02 February 2012


By way of brief outline, podiatric surgeons are podiatrists who have undergone a formal, surgical training program supervised by the ACPS. Selected candidates have graduated from...

Orthopods on Foot Surgery
Written by Dr Graham Mercer   
Thursday, 02 February 2012


The story following the Australian College of Podiatric Surgeons conference overlooks a number of issues of great significance to patients and GPs. Everyone should be aware that....

Rewarding NFP Boards
Written by Mr Allen Gianatti   
Wednesday, 01 February 2012


I feel your article (What Makes St John of God Care Tick, August 2011) missed some important points that warranted discussion. I am not a doctor, but follow health issues with great interest. St John God is a not-for-profit institution as is say, the Cancer Council. However, there is...

Milking the Media
Written by Dr Julie Moore   
Thursday, 01 December 2011


I was fascinated by the article by social media expert Mr Damien Cummings (Social Media Lessons, October 2011). He used the example of working with "a baby milk brand who was marketing their products directly to women....

Fresh Start Funding Review
Written by Mr Peter Abetz, Member for Southern River   
Thursday, 01 December 2011


Mr Peter Abetz, Member for Southern RiverI read with interest your editorial (Stolen Scripts Just a Symptom, October edition) in which you make points relating to the Education and Health Standing Committee report Changing Patterns in Illicit Drug Use in Western Australia.

No strings attached
Saturday, 01 October 2011


I have been consulted three times in the past month by Chinese women, speaking through interpreters, requesting to have their IUCD's removed...

Pain patients please
Saturday, 01 October 2011


Most people with disabling persistent pain fail to access adequate multidisciplinary treatment orientated towards self-management...

Immigrant offer of help
Saturday, 01 October 2011


The hundreds of would-be immigrants, trying to escape persecution and seeking a better lifestyle in Australia, have become frustratingly detained in various ‘detention centres’ while (quite reasonably) being screened before being accepted as physically and medically (and politically?) fit to integrate into our population...

AA still going strong
Saturday, 01 October 2011


It is fairly common knowledge that many of the medical and emotional problems that patients bring to their doctors' surgeries are the consequences of excessive consumption of alcohol...

Alcohol Position Statement
Thursday, 01 September 2011


The Clinical Senate is the peak multidisciplinary clinical body within the Department of Health (comprised of 75 clinicians and two health consumers). At our December 2010 debate, the Senate considered the role clinicians can play in the societal debate on alcohol, in light of the very concerning data on alcohol-related harm in WA...

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