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Doctor shopping for S8 drugs
Thursday, 01 September 2005
Hughes_Colin_Dr_Sept04_DS.jpgA patient has told me the horrific story of how her drug-dependent daughter and her two friends...
Accountable to whom?
Monday, 01 August 2005
Green_Philip_Dr_DS.jpgThe WA Health Department has plans to publish the credentials of procedural GPs on a publicly accessible website...
The place for grommets
Monday, 01 August 2005
Coates_Harvey_Dr_Jul04_DS.jpgWe cannot let Dr Ian Wallman's comments against ventilation tubes (grommets)....
Myasthenia gravis resource
Monday, 01 August 2005
Foster_Jean_Dr_Aug05_DS.jpgDoctors may be interested to know there is a patient support group in WA for people with Myasthenia Gravis.
The human side of organ donation
Monday, 01 August 2005
My son Michael (Mick) J Axford died around Christmas 2004 of an intra-cerebral haemorrhage and his organs were donated.
Herpes screening... yay or nay?
Friday, 01 July 2005
Marshall_Lewis_Dr_DS.jpgI have some concerns about the recommendation to ensure serological testing is a part of STD screening and would like to propose an alternative view.
Pregnancy termination, FPWA and others...
Friday, 01 July 2005
Last year FPWA provided 16,253 consultations. Around 9% of clinic consultations resulted in a referral. Of this 9% of overall referrals, less than a third were for termination of pregnancy....
Doctors and pregnancy termination
Friday, 01 July 2005
Cooney_Angela_Dr_DS.jpgMy solution is simple. I suggest that non-referring doctors put a sign at their front desk, to save women (and doctors) the pain and distress that can otherwise occur.
Abortion and informed consent
Wednesday, 01 June 2005
Dunjey_Lachlan_Dr_DS.jpgMargot Boetcher in her letter (Medical Forum, April) re Pregnancy Counselling Services considers that counselling services staffed by people who are ?pro-life' do not provide balanced information.
Is there an ethical obligation for doctors?
Sunday, 01 May 2005
Some people are still suggesting that doctors who do not refer for abortion have a legal or an ethical obligation to refer the patient to another practitioner who in turn will refer for abortion.
Government incentive excludes disadvantaged
Sunday, 01 May 2005
Vickery_Alistair_DS.jpgI am appalled at the stand from the Federal Government about the Medicare incentive that was hurriedly introduced before the last election.
Health vs political policy?
Friday, 01 April 2005
Fletcher_David_Prof_Mar05_DS.jpgNow the State election is over, it is timely to ask a question. Do AMA members approve of their Association being involved in politics to the degree that it is proposing political policy rather than health policy?
Termination counselling
Friday, 01 April 2005
Boetcher_Margot_Dec_04_DS.jpgALRA is concerned that Pregnancy Crossroads and Pregnancy Problem House are misrepresented in your articles...
Obstetrics Limitations Bill - difficult birth
Tuesday, 01 February 2005
Moore_Norman_Jan_05_DS.jpgThe position taken by the Liberal Party and the Greens in the Legislative Council on the Limitations Bill (in regards to suing obstetricians retrospectively) needs explaining in view of some comments in WA media.
A hoon on the information superhighway
Tuesday, 01 February 2005
Russel_Grant_Dr_Oct04_DS.jpgDr Len Henson is not happy. (Letters: November 2004). He's not happy with Dr Colin Hughes. He's not happy with Centrelink, needle exchange programs and ?preferential treatment' for Australian Aboriginals...
Menopausal symptoms after cancer
Tuesday, 01 February 2005
Hickey_Martha_Dr_Jan05_DS.jpgA new clinic has been developed in response to the large number of women who experience menopausal symptoms after cancer....
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